Crypto YouTubers claim platform is censoring their videos ...

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The most important information: During yesterday's session, the highest price level on Bitcoin was USD 13,161.59, and the lowest was USD 12,717.09. Greed among investors is growing day by day; The amount of BTC coins stored on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges has dropped below 2.5 million Bitcoins - the lowest amount in the last 2 years. This could mean a shift in investor sentiment ... Chris Dunn, a popular trader and one of the first creators of YouTube crypto channels, has some tips for you. Zaloguj się na konto Tokeneo E-mail. Poprawny format maila to [email protected] Hasło. Nieprawidłowe dane, sprawdź adres e-mail i hasło Kod Google Authenticator Nieprawidłowy kod Potwierdź że nie jesteś robotem Następny krok Zresetuj hasło Laureate of Blockchain Company 2019 ... Na Twitteru se uspořádala zajímavá anketa. Analytik Chris Dunn se v ní ptal lidí, kteří se drží taktiky HODL na to, kdy hodlají své kryptoměny prodat a získat tím fiat. 50 % z 1700 lidí má v plánu prodat, až se cena bitcoinu dotkne 100 000 USD. Zajímavé je, že takové velké ankety dopadají často stejně. Binance Coin remains the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market value with a market cap of $4.36 billion. The cryptocurrency has had a rough month, as its price has declined by around 16% over the past 30 days. However, it seems that the bulls could be ready to turn things around and push higher. Looking at the BNB/USD 1-day chart: In einer ganz simplen Frage, fragte Chris Dunn die Bitcoin-Inhaber, was sie tun würden, wenn der Preis von BTC 100.000 Dollar erreicht. 1.790 Personen nahmen an der Umfrage teil. 45,1% von ihnen antworteten, dass sie einen Teil oder all ihre BTC für Fiat-Währungen verkaufen würden. Chris Dunn, a crypto YouTuber with 210,000 subscribers and almost 7.5 million channel views, in a tweet published on December 23, wrote: “@YouTube just removed most of my crypto videos citing “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods”… it’s been 10 years of making videos, 200k+ subs, and 7M+ views. In the YouTube video “Should You Trade Bitcoin or Just Buy & Hold,” altcoin entrepreneur and evangelist Chris Dunn answers the question of whether it is a better strategy to trade bitcoin or to ride out the epic valuation growth of the digital currency and hold your bitcoin. With speculation that bitcoin may hit $5,000 per coin or more, it might be costly to sell bitcoin early. One of them was the YouTuber Chris Dunn, whose channel has over 210,000 subscribers. Dunn said that the platform had removed all of his videos which mentioned cryptocurrencies. Other crypto influencers said the same and pointed out to similar moves. With more than 210,000 subscribers, Dunn noticed that some of his videos were gone this Monday. In the YouTube video, “5 Cryptocurrency Lessons for New Traders & Investors,” altcoin entrepreneur and evangelist Chris Dunn outlines his five lessons for new traders. Arguing that the altcoin market is currently the most welcoming for new investors, Dunn offers advice on avoiding hype and temptation in order to maximize one’s investment and avoid the pitfalls of “investing by ... Crypto YouTubers are unhappy as the platform seems to censor crypto videos. Chris Dunn, a crypto YouTuber came revealed that the platform has taken down many of his crypto videos. Crypto YouTubers and biased censoring. Dunn’s YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of over 200,000 subscribers with more than seven million views.

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Binance US Adds New Coins, Bittrex Halts Service, Bitcoin Breakout & Crazy Bitcoin Prediction

Bitcoin plunged below $8,000 this morning and we're now waiting for the next move. Will it be to the upside or downside? Mattie will also take a look at Binance testing new stablecoin, John McAfee ... Chris Charles Roman Geber David Chosrova Stuart Niven Larry Gooch Tyler Winklevoss NBKrypto Steven Harper Ulf Fatman Josefsson Mohammad Tabbaa Brian Vaci Jeffrey Pete Mozar Cryptocurrency Logic ... Binance.US brings you the trusted technology from the world's leading crypto exchange, Binance. Trade your USD for bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Trade your USD for bitcoin ... Hello Guys, In This video we will disscuss about Amazon may partnership with Bitcoin, Binance Adds Usd, Coinbase buys, Russia Bans Telegram, Crypto youtuber got hacked by 2 million ... How to turn your Ripple back in to USD using Binance and Coinbase - Duration: 5:39. Y Cly 93,471 views. 5:39 . How To Use Debit / Credit Cards On Binance Exchange Beginners Guide 2019 - Duration ... How to BUY BITCOIN in 2019 and EARN $15 FOR FREE on Binance US after sign up and $100 worth of trading volume with the following link: If you’re new to Binance please feel free to use my referral id 17766076 Goto Binance app, click funds, click deposit. Then search for your coin you own in coinbase.. I chose LTC, once you ... Binance BNB has been one of the best altcoins of 2020 in gaining and was recently featured on my BK Crypto Trader April Price Prediction video - which resulted in a gain of nearly 30%! Now is the ...